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Eye on Money July - August 2017

Jun 19, 2017

We invite you to check out the new issue of Eye On Money!

We invite you to check out the new issue of Eye On Money! Inside are articles on:

How to save for retirement if you don’t have a retirement plan at work. No retirement plan at work? No problem. These tips can help you open your own accounts and begin saving in no time flat.

How to transfer assets without a will and probate. Learn about alternatives to a will that can help you minimize the part of your estate that will be subject to probate.

How to avoid a tax penalty on early distributions from your retirement accounts. Do not miss this article if you plan to retire early or need to withdraw cash for certain expenses.

The potential pitfalls of a joint account. Learn why a joint account may not always be your best option.

Where to find college scholarships. If someone in your family is headed to college, check out this article about where to find scholarships.

Also in this issue, you can learn about U.S. Treasury floating rate notes, see which types of volunteer expenses are tax deductible, vicariously cruise the Alaskan coast, unearth a few flower festivals you may not have heard of before, and see how much you know about music from the 1980s.   

Please let us know if you have questions about anything in Eye On Money.

Beall Barclay & Company, PLC is pleased to announce the promotion of three staff members.

Under the new 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the deductibility of bona fide business meals and entertainment expenses have significantly changed. 

Beall Barclay Receives the Arkansas Society of CPAs 2017 Public Service Award for Firms

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The Spring 2018 issue of Business Owner's Perspectives is now available.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the winter edition of Dimensions, a newsletter geared towards the construction industry.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the latest edition of Nonprofit Insights, a newsletter geared towards nonprofit organizations.

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