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Business Owner's Perspectives Fall 2017

Sep 6, 2017

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the fall edition of Business Owner's Perspectives, a newsletter geared toward business owners.

Just because a business is a “family” business doesn’t mean it won’t hire non-family members to fill key positions. But bringing non-family employees on board can be a challenge, especially when they are hired to fill executive positions. Our lead article in this issue offers suggestions for successfully bringing non-family executives into the fold.


On page 2, we discuss corporate philanthropy. If you are interested in leaving a legacy in the community, it’s wise to have a plan to ensure that you’re doing so in a tax-advantaged way that meshes with your family and company values.


On page 3, we examine the R&D tax credit. Many small and mid-sized business owners mistakenly believe their companies aren’t eligible for this valuable credit. Your company could enjoy big tax savings if you meet the relatively broad criteria for taking the R&D credit.


And on Page 4, we cover the importance of good HR policies when employing relatives. Strict family hiring rules help set expectations and make working with family members easier.  

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Beall Barclay & Company, PLC is pleased to announce the promotion of three staff members.

Under the new 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the deductibility of bona fide business meals and entertainment expenses have significantly changed. 

Beall Barclay Receives the Arkansas Society of CPAs 2017 Public Service Award for Firms

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The Spring 2018 issue of Business Owner's Perspectives is now available.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the winter edition of Dimensions, a newsletter geared towards the construction industry.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the latest edition of Nonprofit Insights, a newsletter geared towards nonprofit organizations.

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