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Eye on Money March-April 2018

Feb 12, 2018

We invite you to check out the latest issue of Eye on Money.

We invite you to check out the new issue of Eye On Money here. Inside are articles on:


Ways to reduce the cost of attending college. Don’t miss this one if you or someone in your family will be attending college.


Early retirement and buyout offers—what to consider if you are offered one.


Direct and indirect rollovers—why one of these rollover methods is generally the better choice.


Finding missing assets. Find out where to search for lost bank accounts, tax refunds, savings bonds, pensions, and more.


Also in this issue, you can learn about Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), emergency funds, how to protect yourself after a data breach, and ways to improve and maintain your financial health. Plus, you can take an armchair tour of Padua, Italy, find out what special exhibitions are currently at the major museums, and test how much you really know about winter.  


Please let us know if you have questions about anything in Eye On Money.

Beall Barclay & Company, PLC is pleased to announce the promotion of three staff members.

Under the new 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the deductibility of bona fide business meals and entertainment expenses have significantly changed. 

Beall Barclay Recieves the Arkansas Society of CPAs 2017 Public Service Award for Firms

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Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the winter edition of Dimensions, a newsletter geared towards the construction industry.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the latest edition of Nonprofit Insights, a newsletter geared towards nonprofit organizations.

Beall Barclay is excited to bring you the winter edition of Business Owner's Perspectives, a newsletter geared towards business owners.

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